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Drupal Vs WordPress How to Choose ?

In the use of CMS development site, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress three mainstream CMS selection is often very confusing.

The three CMS has some common features and features that will be searched on Google to find a lot of articles and comparisons about these three CMSs. According to their own experience, sum up some experience to share with you. Allen developers are also providing eCommerce website design services.

First of all show their point of view, I do not think which CMS is the best, which followed, for professional developers, whether CMS, language, IDE are just the tools to complete the work, technical practitioners should be exposed and To master a few similar tools in the hands of the tools to be used in the right place, should not only identify a tool used in all places, for example, a carpenter can not only use the ax to do all the work , It is impossible in the work completely without the ax.

What tools to do with what kind of work, more understanding of several tools will allow you to work in the selection of the most appropriate, master these tools can make your work more with less.

Drupal / joomla / wordpress


* PHP language

* Free open source

* Content distribution system


Drupal: programming ideas are different from most of the CMS, free modules, many commonly used functions need to choose to install the module itself, the Chinese information less, because of its core design features, flexible expansion, but difficult to get started.

Applicable: have their own development team or team, the team has front-end support, the project requires a high degree of expansion, the future demand is temporarily unknown.

Not applicable: no development team, non-IT companies to build corporate website, self-learning threshold is high, long cycle, if not by their own development for the industry, spend too long to learn and only use a very uneconomical.

Joomla: design ideas more traditional, easy to understand, easy to use, easy to install, more modules, the theme and more beautiful, but many good-looking topics and modules are easy to use, the Chinese information, core flexibility and drupal Slightly worse (but the general needs of the site is sufficient)

Applicable: quickly build a website, the site needs more common, there is a certain amount of funds to prepare.

Do not use: to the development of enterprises or personnel, joomla more and more mature, commercial, is bound to make the site in this matter more and more simple, simple to no professional developers can also be completed. Moreover, joomla’s existing commercial module purchase price is much lower than the same module that allows developers to develop their own development. So joomla is not suitable for long-term use of the development team.

WordPress: the original design idea is the blog model, very easy to install and use, ready-made theme is also very beautiful. the second development is relatively simple, but because of the limitations of the core design, extended to the complex site function requires a lot of code, and The same function may have been made in the drupal and joomla modules. you can hire us for website development.

Applicable: whether the development team can build a personal website, personal blog, small business website, display site. we are also providing  eCommerce website design services.

Not applicable: complex web development, although after the second development can also be done very rich, but will be out of wordpress function, and finally become more like a full set of wordpress program only a module, but you can hire as  we can provide ecommerce website design services

eCommerce website design services in WordPress.

We Allen Developers are also providing eCommerce website design services and any type of corporate website design services.


drupal said CMS, in fact, closer to a common Web application framework, through the expansion of development can achieve almost all the needs of the site, and even beyond the needs of the site. But need to be put into the developer. Suitable for small team use, to deal with a variety of outsourcing site projects.

Joomla is very mature, although it is open source free, but its modules and themes have been very commercial, the use of these business templates and themes to meet the vast majority of corporate Web site or e-commerce site needs for most business users or non-technical team , Quickly build a website.

WordPress lightweight and simple, able to meet the common content distribution function, build blog, display site is very agile, suitable for personal website development or simple needs of the corporate website. WordPress Website have Better speed and also seo friendly websites. for affordable website design services you can hire us.

Of course, there are also enthusiastic fans of one of the technical fans that can use one of them to complete all thing. such as using wordpress to do e-commerce sites or other more advanced features, which is possible, but if the development of their part is much larger than the cms band To the convenience of the part, then the meaning of the use of cms is not big, right, after all, we choose cms is to save most of the time and only need to spend a small amount of energy to do the development, since the use of cms, it would have to choose A suitable, do not let the tools become a burden.

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